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Pullip Ally Special Thanks Model August 2013

Pullip Ally

Hey guys!

I have some exciting news to share with you that couldn't wait till Monday >_<

Do you remember the mysterious 10th Anniversary doll that Groove Inc showed Sneek Peek images of?

Well today, July 6th or July 7th in Japan, she was officially announced!

Her name is Ally and she is the Special Pullip 10th Anniversary Thanks Model.

Click on the link to order the exact same doll!

Ally will be featured at various Takashimaya stories across Japan.


Are you ready to hear the totally awesome part regarding Ally?

Get this, her price will be the same price as the very 1st Pullip doll that was introduced in 2003!

¥8,400!!!! that's $84.00

This is Groove Inc's way of saying thanks to the fans. :)

Okay, so the name of this special event is tilted:
Fashion Doll Pullip 10th anniversary thanks fair

I'm unsure about how I feel about Ally ... I mean with a price tag like that, who can complain :p.

I do think she's cute and I love her sweet face, but as far as a 10th Anniversary Model goes, she doesn't really captivate me. (Man, I really looooove the price tag on her :))

Price: ¥8,400 about $84.00
Limited Edition: Unknown


What do you think about Ally, is she your idea of a 10th Anniversary Pullip? Please share your thought on her, I would love to hear them. :)

The following text below was first published on June 15, 2013

Pullip Gemini Birthday Event Image

Here is one image that was taken at the event for Pullips 2nd Birthday Party!

Gemini party-501

If you look really closely you can see a glimpse of the 10th Anniversary Special Thanks Model hiding in the background. 😉

Gemini party-500

The following text below was first published on June 12, 2013

Pullip’s 10th Anniversary Special Thanks Model Part 2

Sooooo not fair >_>

Okay, so Groove Inc is continuing the tread of teasing fans with glimpses of the 10th Anniversary Special Thanks Model Pullip Doll xD.

If you want to see what the entire doll looks like ... you can by attending the 2nd phase of Pullips 10th Anniversary Party on June 15, 2013 held at, I believe the store iine tokyo.

thank-you model

From what I see, I adore that the Pullip appears to have a sweet appearance with the added touch of a dash of pink blush on her cheeks.

Is it just me or do you get get a Yeolume-ish vibe too? I see that dress and I immediately think of the monochromatic Blackberry Yeolume! The black and white themed dress, looks cute on Pullip too.

(You can see a little more of the dress if you watch Pullip's 10th Anniversary Promotion Movie, it was shown extremely quick 2 times. 😉 (1:22 & underneath her dress at 1:27))

I can't wait to see full images of her soon^^.

So are you excited to see what the 10th Anniversary Special Thanks Model Pullip doll looks like? Write a comment below!

The following text below was first published on May 21, 2013

Pullip's 10th Anniversary Special Thanks Model

Here is a sneak peek image of an unknown Pullip doll that has a planed launch date for August 2013.
She will be part of Pullip's 2nd 10th anniversary event.



  1. although it is ANOTER blonde doll she is very cute :) her outfit is extremely cute ^-^ and i like the use of the different patterns i realy like her faceup, other than that, i find her… plain

    • Yepyep, we have ourselves another blonde Pullip.

      Yeah, I agree. Ally is a cute girl and it’s a nice change up to see a simple Pullip doll every once an a while . . . but as Special Thank You 10th Anniversary doll, I expected a bit more. Ally is unfortunately too plain for such and occasion =/

  2. She is cute and her price tag is awesome! However, it kind of bothers me that for a thanks model she’s only available in Japan and that the Groove USA website says she’s only available outside of Japan through them. If she’s a thank you model for the fans, why not make her available world wide through sites like PullipStyle, Plasticpop.de, etc? One can hope she will be, but as it stands now they’re kind of making it sound like she’s just available in Japan for Japan…

    • Hello,

      Thanks for leaving a comment

      Oh, it looks like you forgot to include PullipDollDreams.com as a site that could offer the Thanks Model, Ally Pullip :)

      But back to your comment, it is a bit confusing especially since Pullip fans & shops are all over the world.

      When we first saw the notice, it stated she would be available at select Japanese shops/sites then we got another notice stating that the Groove USA shop will be handling all sales outside of Japan.

      It’s certainly something new to happen for retailers selling Pullip dolls.

      Usually these doll stores, that you mentioned in Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, etc. are given these dolls to sell (in the USA it’s a select shop) but I think the reason for her limited shop availability is due to her low price and probably some other Groove Inc logistics.

      If what I think is possible & true, offering Ally to retailers to sell would have generated little to no profit for Groove Inc. But by selling her themselves they have a bit more $$ in their pocket from a doll that retails for $80 in this economy (average retail of Pullip in 2013 is $130).

      Plus, I think they wanted her price to be uniform all around to celebrate her 10th Anniversary and this select store method does prevent price undercutting.

      But who knows, maybe when she is officially release they will make her available to all their retailers worldwide.

      These are certainly some interesting times within the Pullip family.

      I’m totally enjoying every moment :)

      Thanks again for stopping by PullipDollDreams and leaving a comment.


  3. She is really pretty. I hope she will be available in the U.S.

    • Hi :)

      Thanks for leaving comment!

      Ally is a very cute girl. ^^

      If you would like to own her, she is now available for pre-order at the official Groove USA Pullip doll site :)

      Click the link below

      Have a wonderful day!

  4. i was thinking the same thing, looks like mama and daughter are going matchy matchy

  5. Oh my gosh. <3 I already love what I can see of her!

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