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Pullip Alice Classical May 2013

No you're not crazy, there already is an Alice for this years line up of Alice in Wonderland and she is Dal.

So for the very first time in Pullip Doll history we have 2 Pullip family characters (Dal and Pullip) portraying the one role of Classic Alice :)

Yay!!! I was so glad to hear that Groove would be releasing this Alice Pullip doll.

If you remember she was seen featured on the cover of the Ukulele Pullip CD and on a lot of merchandise during the Pullip Exhibition held at Matsuya Ginza in December.

You can order the exact same doll by following the link

Ukulele Pullip CD image from Dolly Dream
Ukulele Pullip CD image from Dolly Dream


orthodox/ classic alice pullip
orthodox/ classic alice pullip

(Looking back at things, it looks like they lighten up this classic Alice. The makeup doesn't have same the smokey/heavy tone, her hair isn't the dark golden blonde, and the clothing isn't as dark.

All in all they lighten the mood of  Alice in comparison to the original one that was showcased at Matsuya Ginza)

From images I saw of her I was smitten! and it looks like others were too, as she was voted the #1 model at the venue.

Limited: No

Price: 13,650 yen about $146.00 USD

Just for fun :), who do you think represents Classic Alice better, Pullip or Dal? Post your opinions and comments below!

Pullip Wilhelmina

Take a look at another version of Alice, that was released in 2007. This collectable doll was named, Another Alice.



  1. She looks delightful, I can’t tell which ones nicer but as I expected Alice to suit a Dal more, I say Dal :) Luckily I’m a fan of Alice theme so I like to see any amount :)

  2. I love this Alice to be honest, but good grief.. they need to take it easy on this theme!

    • It still amazes me how much they love Alice In Wonderland so much, that they redo the theme every single year almost xD

  3. this is alot better but i do have a soft spot for last years garden and the years before pink version, but my word, they need to stop witht he alice

    • haha I don’t think they will ever be done with Alice 😉

      Last years theme was a nice change up.

      If they do continue with the Alice theme (which I think we’re all pretty sure they will lol)

      I just hope they are unique and original ideas on the classic Alice story

      • i truly just want to have a decent cheshire cat. i didnt like last years at all.

        • Ah yes…that was a bit of a downer.

          She looked more like a tiger =/

          I know they were trying to be original with Cheshire…but it was a bit flat.

          The Cheshire Dal was adorable and all but just meh unfortunately.

          • she looks more like a rag doll teddy bear that has been too loved for too long. but i digress.

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