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Taeyang Nosferatu Doll

Taeyang Nosferatu Doll


"I am chasing you into the mist as you are screaming. Let's spend eternity together in a shadow world."

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If you are into the new rave of vampire movies coming out, then the  Taeyang Nosferatu doll is something you will want to take a look at.

It is all about the Goth & Vampire look now especially with the recent movies and television shows bringing this dark world to light and also bringing a wave of fans along for the ride.

Doll collecting is one of the oldest and most intriguing hobbies that is not just for the young but everyone has been known to collect dolls. Now you get the mixture of doll collecting and vampire goth combined in one.

A unique blend of soft poetic but elegant gore wrapped in a pint size doll. The Korean company Cheonsang Cheonha is the founders and creators of this Pullip doll. This dolls stand roughly 14" in size.

The beautifully crafted doll with his round, blue in color eyes, and long flowing gray hair makes this doll a must have for your collection. If your new to these fashion doll and happen to love vampires, than this is a perfect way to begin collecting!

Taeyang has a misty look about him that seems priceless and classic. You just feel the poised and dignified air about it.

It will be a great addition to your room and your collections.

The Taeyang Nosferatu will most definitely set a new tone and atmosphere in any room you place it. The soul and mood of the doll will remind you of an old folk tale or legend.

You deserve to treat yourself to something elegant. And this doll will do the trick and he makes a beautiful gift for people who are huge fans of vampires or for the Pullip collectors!

Taeyang HellCatPunks Kain
Check it out. More if about him here

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